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Call to Action for the Dance Music Community & Allies

How Will You Show Up At the Polls?

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How Will You Show Up At The Polls?

Note: The statement was prepared for Rave the Vote PSA by dance music industry veteran and civil rights/ social justice activist Dee Sanae, Advisor to EMA Global & Magnetic Magazine Correspondent

Our responsibility is to continue the conversation, education, and activism re-ignited by the Black Lives Matter movement. As a supporter and advisor of Electronic Music Alliance, I implore us all as creators, artists, and musicians to use our platforms to be a part of the solution and advance change. Support our black music artists, promote their work, promote their songs and have them headline more of our dance music events.

To be a good ally, it would mean to listen and learn from the Black community. Educate yourself, and understand what is going on around you; keep in mind that your education is not someone else’s burden but yours.

SPEAK UP- do not be afraid to speak out when you have a feeling of what is happening around you is not giving you a good sense.

Again, I urge you to use your platforms to speak out and not make excuses for people who are too young or too old; everyone can learn and change. I also urge you to use your privilege to amplify (digitally and in-person) historically suppressed voices.

Along the many actions taken, I think that it is best to show up where it counts, voting.

REGISTER TO VOTE, we have about less than two months until Election day. Remember, your vote does make a change and does matter. We need elected officials from the local, state, and federal levels to help our communities uphold justice. Do not throw your vote away by not voting or not voting Democratic and Republican.

Our voices are essential as we, the people, elect and vote them in.

Lastly, notice how racism is denied, minimized, and justified, learn from your mistakes, stay engaged, and donate to local organizations doing social justice work in your communities. Understand that staying engaged may be difficult for some but realize that oppression is constant.

Below are links provided for the video interview as well as the EMA "Support Black Lives" Resource Guide compiled and written by Dee Sanae

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