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Put our Action into Voting: It's Our Duty

Dance Music Community Values

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This copy was taken from the Rave The Vote PSA which aired on September 11, 2020

By Dee Sanae, Social Justice/ Civil Rights Activist, Advisor to Electronic Music Alliance & Founder of Mosaic Visions (an organization that celebrates diversity through social activism, education and discussions.

Our dance industry was built and created for diversity and inclusion way before it was a term. It brought us together to embrace each other no matter what you are and how you identify. The dance industry vote is absolutely paramount this November and our lives literally depend on it. Our dance community gathers through music regardless of creed, race, or gender and is one of the reasons it has grown into a global industry.

There are two resources I would suggest to check out one is the Black Lives Resource Guide that I wrote for Electronic Music Alliance which features black activists, literature such as books, films and websites. It also provides many resources to help you understand and educate yourself on how the real enemy is not each other but a white supremacist culture that has to be undone, not through violence but through our voices, activism and our vote. We have to vote for government officials that are going to reinvest and give money back to the community, education, housing and healthcare.

Our values of peace, love, unity and respect should be reinforced and are action words and we have the responsibility to uphold civil liberties and protect persons against discrimination. This is what is looks like when our dance community votes and aligns with what this community was built on.

One of the ways that I personally have taken action is forming my own social justice organization Mosaic Visions as well as dedicating my music interviews to support women and black indigenous people of color. So register to vote and get your mail-in ballot for those that choose to do so because of CO-VID precautions and join us and your favorite artists and vote on November 3rd!


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